Xena’s Chronology

Here is a little project in order to understand Xena’s life.

Don’t search for dates, you won’t find them. History was not very respected and if we had to consider the historical characters Xena meets, she would have lived around 200 years.

We will try to tell the important events in a relatively chronological order, from the beginning to the end, using a simple base: 0 for Xena’s birth, 1 for her first year and so on.

Don’t forget that the show places ALL the events « Ten Winters Ago », so some steps will be approximative; we hope we’ll be forgiven.

Each period is followed by the reference to the episods where you can finds the informations.

Let’s go!

0 : Birth in Amphipolis
Father : Atrius, Warlord
Mother : Cyrene, Innkeeper
1 Elder Brother : Toris

2 : Xena’s Little Brother’s Birth : Lyceus

7 : Atrius’ Death
Influenced by Ares, Atrius tries to kill Xena.
Cyrene interferes and kills her husband with an axe in his back.
The Furies (Les Furies, 3×01)

7-17 : Quiet Life in Amphipolis
Trying to fish Solaris with Lyceus,
Games in the Trees,
Meeting Flora.
The Black Wolf (Le Loup Noir, 1×11)
Fins, Femmes and Jems (La Femme aux Bijoux, 3×18)

17 : Cortese Attacks Amphipolis, Lyceus’ Death
Xena and Lyceus resist.
Amphipolis is safe but Lyceus is killed.
Blamed for the death Xena is banished from her town.
Death Mask (Le Masque de la Mort, 1×23)

18 : Meeting with Petracles
Xena falls in love but Petracles, young warlord, betrays her.
A Fistful of Dinars (Pour une Poignée de Dinars, 1×14)

18 : Meeting with the Future Helene of Troy
In Sparta, Xena meets Helene. They become good friends.
Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts (Méfie-toi des Grecs, 1×12)

19 : Julius Caesar’s Capture and Betrayal
Xena leads a militia to defend burgs around Amphipolis.
Young Roman General captured : Julius Caesar.
Promising to come back with the ransom, Caesar captures Xena and her militia.
They are all tethered to crosses along the beach, Caesar orders Xena’s leg to be broken.
M’Lila frees Xena but she is killed trying to protect her.
Xena swears to dedicate her life to hate and death.
Destiny (Destinée, 2×12)

20 : Meeting with Borias
Still wounded in the legs, Xena joins the army of a North Steppes Warlord : Borias.
She manipulates him and convinces him to leave his wife, Natasha, and their son, Belach, to go to the East.
The Last of the Centaurs (Le Derniers des Centaures, 6×17)

20 : Meeting with Lao-Ma, Xena becomes the Warrior Princess
Against Borias’ opinion, Xena kidnaps Ming-Tien, Emperor Ming-Tsu’s son, to ask a ransom.
Borias makes a deal with Ming-Tsu and offers Xena, still wounded, for a game hunting.
Xena is saved by Emperess Lao-Ma who heals her injuries and makes her her Warrior Princess.
But Xena betrays Lao-Ma and goes back to Borias.
The Debt part 1 (La Dette part 1, 6×06)
The Debt part 2 (La Dette part 2, 3×07)

20 : Arrival in Japa
Borias kidnaps Akemi, a rich Japanese’s daughter, and Xena has to bring her back against a ransom.
A strong frienship happened but Akemi betrays Xena and uses her teaching to kill her father before committing suicide.
Xena tries to let the ashes in Akemi’s town, Higushi, but the villagers attack here.
Xena leaves the in-flames-town.
Friend in Need part 2 (La Mort de Xena par 2, 6×22)

21 : Return in the North Steppes and Meeting with Alti
Alti, a former Amazon Shaman, joins Xena to kill all the Amazons with their Queen, Cyane.
Xena becomes the Destroyer of Nations and goes to conquer Corinth and the Ixion Stone.
Adventures in the Sin Trade part 1 (Aventures dans l’Au-Delà part 1, 4×01)
Adventures in the Sin Trade part 2 (Aventures dans l’Au-Delà part 2, 4×02)

22 : Solan’s Birth, Borias’ Death, Renounciation of Corinth
Being about to conquer Corinth, Xena betrays Borias and tries to kill all the Centaurs despite the peace agreement.
Borias and Xena breaks up, becoming enemies, and Xena gives birth to their son, Solan.
But Borias is assassinated by Dagnine.
Xena realises in what world her son is going to grow so she gives him to the Centaur Kaleipus and renounces to conquer Corinth.
Orphan of War (L’Orphelin de Guerre, 2×01)
Past Imperfect (Passé Imparfait, 4×09)

23 : The Chakram
Helped by Ares, Xena takes possession of the Dark Chakram.
Chakram (Le Chakram, 5×02)

23 : Odin and the Rheingold
Now she possesses a mighty weapon, Xena also wants gods’ powers.
She manipulates the north god Odin, becomes a Valkyrie and finds the Rheingold.
But the Valkyrie Grinhilda stops her.
The Rheingold (Un Lourd Secret, 6×07)
The Ring (La Bague, 6×08)
Return of the Valkyrie (Le Retour de Valkyrie, 6×09)

23 : In Gaul with Boadicea
After her defeat in the North, Xena returns to Greece through Gaul.
She joins Boadicea’s army against Persuticus but she betrays the warlord to get her army and tries to kill Boadicea.
Boadicea joins Persuticus against Xena.
Leading her new army, Xena wins the battle, killing Persuticus and forcing Boadicea to leave to Britannia.
The Deliverer (Une Vieille Ennemie, 3×04)

24 : Against Bacchus
Xena defies Bacchus.
Eurydice, Orpheus’ wife and Xena’s friend, is killed in the battle.
Girls just Wanna Have Fun (Dans l’Antre de Bacchus, 2×04)

24 : Meeting Talia and Back to Greece
Leading her new army, Xena joins Talia, attacks Greek towns and develops a strong reputation.
However rules are strict : just kill armed people and spare women and children.
The Gauntlet (Le Rituel, Hercule, 1×12)
Animal Attraction (Fascination Animale, 5×04)

24 : Thalassa’s Death
By pillaging a town, Xena ties up a young girl, Thalassa, in a cave to pressure villagers.
When she comes back, crabs seem to have eaten Thalassa alive.
Locked Up and Tied Down (La Condamnation, 4×07)

24 : Goliath
At war with the Giant Gareth, Xena joins another Giant: Goliath.
But as Goliath tries to protect his family, he finally leaves them to save Xena’s life and Gareth kills Goliath’s wife and child.
The Giant Killer (Mon Ami Goliath, 2×03)

25 : Meeting with the Hord
Xena’s army confronts the Hord. Xena refuses to give up and leads her men to a certain death.
The Price (Le Prix, 2×20)

26 : Meeting with Marcus and Draco
Xena works some time with Marcus before joining the warlord Draco to make some sacks.
She also trains new recruits like Darnelle or Glaphyra.
Sins of the Past (Le Retour de Xena, 1×01)
The Path not Taken (La Mauvaise Pente, 1×05)
The Dirty-Half Dozen (Les Mercenaires, 3×03)

26 : The Blunder of Cirra
Xena orders to attack the town of Cirra but the soldiers burn it, killing almost all the villagers except a little girl: Callisto.
Callisto (Callisto, 1×22)
Armageddon Now part 2 (Armageddon part 2, Hercule, 4×14)

27 : Attempted Murder on Hercules
Xena manipulates Hercules’ best friend Iolaus to force the two men to fight against each other.
She fails.
The Warrior Princess (Xena la Guerrière, Hercule, 1×11)

27 : Darphus’ Betrayal
Going against Xena’s orders, Darphus pillages a town and kills all the villagers except a baby.
Xena takes the child under her protection but she loses her soldiers’ respect.
Forced to leave, alone again, she accepts Hercules’ help in order to stop Darphus’ destructive ambitions.
Dark Xena doesn’t exist anymore.
The Gauntlet (Le Rituel, Hercule, 1×12)
Unchained Heart (L’Immortel, Hercule, 1×13)

28 : Meeting with Gabrielle
While buring her weapons, Xena has to save the town of Poteidaia from Draco’s men.
Here she meets Gabrielle.
Sins of the Past (Le Retour de Xena, 1×01)

28 : Troy
Xena finds Helene in Troy and tries to fight against the Greeks.
Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts (Méfie-toi des Grecs, 1×12)

28 : Callisto’s Revenge
After her parents died in Cirra, Callisto uses any means to take revenge on Xena and hurt her.
The Greater Good (Par le Fer et par le Poison, 1×21)
Callisto (Callisto, 1×22)

28 : Cortese’s Return
Xena helps her elder brother Toris to find and arrest Cortese, the man responsible for Lyceus’ death.
Death Mask (Le Masque de la Mort, 1×23)

29 : Dagnine and the Ixion Stone
Xena keeps Dagnine from finding the Ixion Stone and save the Centaurs and her son, Solan.
Orphan of War (L’Orphelin de Guerre, 2×01)

29 : Bacchus
Xena helps Orpheus to fight against Bacchus.
Girls just Wanna Have Fun (Dans l’Antre de Bacchus, 2×04)

29 : Perdicus‘ Death
Gabrielle marries Perdicus but he is killed by Callisto just after the wedding night.
Return of Callisto (Le Retour de Callisto, 2×05)

29 : First Xena’s Death
Xena lets herself die but M’Lila convinces her to come back.
Destiny (Destinée, 2×12)

30 : Britannia, Hope’s Birth
Xena helps Boadicea to fight Caesar while Gabrielle is kidnapped by a satanic cult and gives birth to a demoniac child: Hope.
The Deliverer (Une Vieille Ennemie, 3×04)
Gabrielle’s Hope (L’Espoir de Gabrielle, 3×05)

30 : Ming-Tien’s Death
Xena goes back to Chin in order to kill Ming-Tien, Lao-Ma’s hidden son.
The Debt part 2 (La Dette part 2, 3×07)

30 : Solan’s Death
Xena’s son Solan and his adoptive father, Kaleipus, are killed by Gabrielle’s daughter Hope.
Maternal Instincts (Instincts Maternels, 3×11)

30 : General Crassus’ Death
Xena plans Crassus’ death, member of the first Triumvirat of Rome with Caesar and Pompey.
When in Rome (Vacances Romaines, 3×16)

30 : Gabrielle’s Desappearing
In order to save Xena, Gabrielle throws Hope in a chasm and falls with her.
Sacrifice part 2 (La Cérémonie part 2, 3×22)

31 : Erasing of Cyane’s debt
Xena helps Cyane and her Amazons to join the Eternity by fighting against Alti.
Adventures in the Sin Trade part 1 (Aventures dans l’Au-Delà part 1, 4×01)
Adventures in the Sin Trade part 2 (Aventures dans l’Au-Delà part 2, 4×02)

31 : Gabrielle’s Return and Hope’s Death
Xena accepts to marry Ares on the condition he brings back Gabrielle.
Together, Xena and Gabrielle manage to kill Hope and her son, the Destroyer.
Soul Possession (Un Mariage Forcé, 6×20)
A Family Affair (Une Affaire de Famille, 4×03) 

31 : Trip to India
Xena and Gabrielle travel to India and meet the future prophet Eli.

31 : General Pompey’s Death
Xena kills Pompey as he was trying to kill her in the back.
End Games (Assez Joué !, 4×20)

31 : Caesar’s Death, Gabrielle’s Death, Xena’s Second Death
Xena convinces Brutus to kill Caesar at the Ides of March.
But Caesar manages to kidnap Gabrielle and Xena and makes them crucified.
Ides of March (Les Ides de Mars, 4×21)

32 : Xena and Gabrielle’s Resurrection
Helped by the Archangel Micheal, Eli brings the two warriors to life.
Fallen Angel (L’Ange Déchu, 5×01)

32 : Eve’s Birth and Zeus’ Death
Xena becomes pregnant an gives birth to Eve whose destiny seems to provok the Twilight of the Gods.
Zeus tries to kill the baby and forces his son Hercules to kill him.
God Fearing Child (L’Ennemie des Dieux, 5×12) 

32 : Cleopatra, Brutus and Anthony’s Death
Brutus killed Cleopatra and Xena shoes her in order to kill him and Anthony.
Anthony and Cleopatra (Marc-Antoine et Cléopâtre, 5×18)

32 : Xena’s Third Death
To save Eve, Xena has to make Gods think she and her daughter are dead.
The trick is so good that Ares put Xena and Gabrielle’s bodies into ice graves for 25 years.
Looking Death in Eyes (La Mort en Face, 5×19) 

32 : Cyrene’s Death
Xena being under the ice, she can’t save her mother, condamned to burn by the villagers of Amphipolis.
The Haunting of Amphipolis (La Légende d’Amphipolis, 6×02)

32 (+25) : Xena’s Return and the Twilight of Gods
After 25 years under the ice, Xena and Gabrielle are finally free.
To save her daughter once again, Xena has to kill all the gods except Aphrodite and Ares.
Motherhood (Le Crépuscule des Dieux, 5×22)

34 (+25) : Caligula’s Death
After having lost her memory for a year in the North Kingdom, Xena has to kill the mad Emperor Caligula.
The God You Know (Le Règne de Caligula, 6×12)

34 : Last Xena’s Death
Returning to Japa to help Akemi’s spirit, Xena has to die to fight against the devil Yodoshi.
She will never come back, forced to stay dead to avenge the 40 000 villagers dead in the fire of Higushi.
Friend in Need part 1 (La Mort de Xena par 1, 6×21)
Friend in Need part 2 (La Mort de Xena par 2, 6×22)





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